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Autism, actually…

Making sense of life after a late diagnosis.

Hi. I’m L. I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at almost 40. Join me while I figure out, one day at a time, what this means for me, my family, and my future.

  • 12.08.22

    Sensory issues. Prior to my diagnosis, I’d never identified with the notion of having sensory issues. I was under the impression that a sensory sensitivity had to result in a visible meltdown or panic attack to be deemed an ‘issue’. But now that I’ve been diagnosed I’m noticing more every day the ways in which…

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  • 03.08.22

    Identifying my difficulties. I’m wandering around my house from room to room trying to decide what best to do next. It’s like I’m stuck, waiting for something. But there are no plans. I have nowhere to be, no deadlines to work towards, no structure to cling to. If someone was coming over later today, I’d…

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  • 30.07.22

    School holidays. I’m finding the pressure to entertain my child immobilising. It involves decision making, which, if I could help it, I’d never do. Making a decision, particularly when it’s not just for myself, feels very overwhelming. If there’s someone else’s desires and expectations to be taken into account, then the decision I make carries…

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